Why Buy a Gaming Laptop Under $500?

smart-gamingWhen looking for a gaming machine there are a host of things to consider. Least of all is whether or not a laptop will do you any justice. If you are actively hunting for a gaming laptop under $500 then the chances are you may need a laptop for work and are hoping to find something that doubles up as a form of entertainment. Or perhaps you travel a lot and you get bored on the road so you need some good old fashioned cyber therapy to keep you company. Whatever the case, there are a number of benefits to the mobile gaming experience.

1. You aren’t constricted to your home base

Desktop users have the advantage of more powerful hardware ( a huge point to be fair), but there is still a certain charm to being able to whip out your laptop anywhere in the world at any time and any place and crack a few rounds of your favorite dose of escapism. For those who travel a lot and aren’t constricted to a home base at all most of the time then these benefits are obviously compounded ten fold.

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2. You aren’t breaking the bank and can still find tons of awesome games to play

There is a general trend among gamers to pump their PC up until it is a steroid raging beast that can play in game in the cosmos at 60 FPS flat. In reality, a lot of the most intelligent gamers ever created have terrible graphics. The rise of graphics if anything has detracted from how fun most games are to play from an intellectual perspective, which is painful to see. That said, this is a great for budget gamers as you won’t have to deal with all of the bollocks eye candy distracting you and can focus on older gems that rely on amazing storytelling to really grip your imagination, on top of the fact that they’ll have more cash to spare on the other good things in live – like getting laid. Guides such as LaptopNinja’s gaming laptops under $500 offer a great place to get started on your journe.y

3. You can always upgrade down the line

Needless to say, despite my pearls of wisdom above there are exceptions to the rule, and one day you may find you want to up the ante and go for a real gaming beast once you have saved up enough cash. Plus side? Sinking less than $500 into a laptop is close to nothing. If you box smart and you are in it for the long haul, going cheap first can pay dividends later rather than going for a mid level laptop that is only marginally better that will hold you back from affording a true gaming demon in the future.


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