What Specs to Look For in a Gaming Laptop Under $500

Let’s face it, sometimes gamers are just like everybody else. Sometimes they have families to take care of, a mortgage, and as a result they are on a budget. For these gamers, finding a laptop that will satisfy their hobby can be a challenge. However, it is not impossible. For the conscientious gamer who only wants the very best for his money, here are the specs to look for in a gaming laptop under $500:

1. Fast processor speeds.

The first spec that any gamer needs is fast processor speeds. For the gamer who is on a budget this can be somewhat of a challenge. However, recent listings of laptops show various brands with Intel processors available that are both speedy and amenable to the budget conscious. For an example, there is a listing for an ACER Laptop at just under $500 that has a processor speed of 1.8 Gigahertz (GHz.). For the hard-core gamer, a processor speed of at least in the mid-2’s up to over 3 is ideal. However, those laptops are usually more expensive than $500. When shopping for a fast gaming laptop on a budget, make sure that you get the fastest processor speed possible.

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2. High RAM.

The next spec that is needed for any gamer is a high amount of RAM. Most computers under $500 will have about 4 GB of RAM and usually that is adequate to play a large variety of games. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and is needed for proper execution within the CPU controls of the computer. Having a large amount of RAM means high performance, which is something that gamers need in order to play their favorite games.

3. A high hard drive amount.

Gaming computers need a high amount of hard drive as well. The hard drive is important because it stores all of your personal data and data from word processing, programs and games. Thus, a gamer will want a computer with a strong hard drive in order to accommodate the high-graphics games that they will play. When shopping for a gaming laptop on a budget, look for a laptop with a hard drive as high as possible, perhaps at least at 500 GB.

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