Specs To Look For in a Gaming Laptop Under $1000

There are many good gaming laptops for just under $1000. The question that has been asked by many is just what makes a laptop a good gaming laptop? The answer is that a truly stellar laptop will have the speed, graphics, and memory to be able to handle any of the modern gaming choices that a consumer could peruse. Laptops with stellar graphics cards, a high degree of memory, immense RAM, and an incredibly generous amount of Gigahertz in their processors are what is needed to fit the bill. Moreover, a gaming laptop will also have a very large screen in order to accommodate today’s modern games as well. Consider the following specs when looking for a gaming laptop under $1000:

1. Gigahertz (GHz.)

In a nutshell, Gigahertz is processor speed. Thus, the higher the Gigahertz, the faster the computer will run. The faster the computer runs, the better the system is able to handle high-graphic, high-resolution games such as World of Warcraft and other popular computer games. Most laptops average around 1.1 GHz. to around 1.8 GHz. For most people, this amount of Gigahertz is more than sufficient for the tasks they are going to do with the computer. Word processing, e-mail, and most other common programs can be ran on these speeds. For a gamer, however, these speeds may not be enough. The most powerful laptops on the market today usually have speeds of upwards of 3 GHz. or more. This is the appropriate spec for a gamer in order to be thoroughly entertained on their laptop.

2. High memory.

Many games will insist on a laptop of at 8 GB of memory. The reason is because for very high-graphics games the memory of the laptop will need to be as stellar as possible. I myself remember a time in the early nineties when I ordered a game and was disappointed because my computer did not have the memory for it.

3. Strong Graphics Cards.

Finally, another spec to look for in a gaming laptop approaching $1000 would be in whether it has a suitable graphics card or not. Study this closely and do a google search on the graphics card that the system you are considering has in order to be able to tell.

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