Games to Play on a Laptop Under $500

Having a laptop does not mean all you can do is sit on social media sites all day. There are games that are made for computers whether they are games on the internet, downloadable games, or console games.Games to play on a laptop under $500 will differ from games you can play on a more expensive laptop.

Having a laptop for under five hundred dollars means you will be able to play any on site game, the only problem(s) that will occur is if you have a lot on your computer that slows down your processor. Games that are on sites can be games you can play in person (board, card, etc) sites like that are Another type of on site gaming are small games with a variety of genres. These games can be found on

Games to play on a laptop under $500 can include downloadable games. These games will take up space on your computer and depending on the type and size of the game, it can slow down your computer. Downloadable games that do not have multiplayer or online capabilities will run faster than games that are online. A computer can only handle so many of these so it is best to only get what you will use and delete what you stop using. Some of these can include LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) and Wizards 101.

If your computer runs fast, has a good processor, and a decent amount of storage you can get console games. These game are usually gotten through steam and are games that you could get for Xbox or Play Station. That means, if you wanted, you could get games like Call of Duty or Halo on to your computer. These games will still have the online that consoles do and everything will be the same.
There are a lot of different games you can use on a laptop. You just have to be careful to not have too many of them on your hardrive otherwise your computer will be very slow and your games will not run too well.

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