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  • Games to Play on a Laptop Under $500

    Having a laptop does not mean all you can do is sit on social media sites all day. There are games that are made for computers whether they are games on the internet, downloadable games, or console games.Games to play on a laptop under $500 will differ from games you can play on a more expensive laptop.

    Having a laptop for under five hundred dollars means you will be able to play any on site game, the only problem(s) that will occur is if you have a lot on your computer that slows down your processor. Games that are on sites can be games you can play in person (board, card, etc) sites like that are Another type of on site gaming are small games with a variety of genres. These games can be found on

    Games to play on a laptop under $500 can include downloadable games. These games will take up space on your computer and depending on the type and size of the game, it can slow down your computer. Downloadable games that do not have multiplayer or online capabilities will run faster than games that are online. A computer can only handle so many of these so it is best to only get what you will use and delete what you stop using. Some of these can include LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) and Wizards 101.

    If your computer runs fast, has a good processor, and a decent amount of storage you can get console games. These game are usually gotten through steam and are games that you could get for Xbox or Play Station. That means, if you wanted, you could get games like Call of Duty or Halo on to your computer. These games will still have the online that consoles do and everything will be the same.
    There are a lot of different games you can use on a laptop. You just have to be careful to not have too many of them on your hardrive otherwise your computer will be very slow and your games will not run too well.

  • What Specs to Look For in a Gaming Laptop Under $500

    Let’s face it, sometimes gamers are just like everybody else. Sometimes they have families to take care of, a mortgage, and as a result they are on a budget. For these gamers, finding a laptop that will satisfy their hobby can be a challenge. However, it is not impossible. For the conscientious gamer who only wants the very best for his money, here are the specs to look for in a gaming laptop under $500:

    1. Fast processor speeds.

    The first spec that any gamer needs is fast processor speeds. For the gamer who is on a budget this can be somewhat of a challenge. However, recent listings of laptops show various brands with Intel processors available that are both speedy and amenable to the budget conscious. For an example, there is a listing for an ACER Laptop at just under $500 that has a processor speed of 1.8 Gigahertz (GHz.). For the hard-core gamer, a processor speed of at least in the mid-2’s up to over 3 is ideal. However, those laptops are usually more expensive than $500. When shopping for a fast gaming laptop on a budget, make sure that you get the fastest processor speed possible.

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    2. High RAM.

    The next spec that is needed for any gamer is a high amount of RAM. Most computers under $500 will have about 4 GB of RAM and usually that is adequate to play a large variety of games. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and is needed for proper execution within the CPU controls of the computer. Having a large amount of RAM means high performance, which is something that gamers need in order to play their favorite games.

    3. A high hard drive amount.

    Gaming computers need a high amount of hard drive as well. The hard drive is important because it stores all of your personal data and data from word processing, programs and games. Thus, a gamer will want a computer with a strong hard drive in order to accommodate the high-graphics games that they will play. When shopping for a gaming laptop on a budget, look for a laptop with a hard drive as high as possible, perhaps at least at 500 GB.

  • Where to Find the Best Gaming laptops Under $1000?

    Gaming-Laptops-under-$1000Searching for a gaming beast under $1000 is not as tricky as one might imagine. Sure, there are always going to be limitations imposed by your budget but with the rapid pace at which technology is advancing, including the tech powering laptops, these days one can find some serious bargains that would have been unheard of even a few years ago. Hunting for the right laptop will however take a bit of time if you want to be %100 sure that you are making the right decision.

    Shopping Online

    The benefits of shopping for your gaming machine online are that you have a host of options available, more than you would ever find at any single walk-in store. You can do product research online that can greatly aid you in making the right purchasing decision. CNet has a great laptop buying guide that will give you the lowdown on some of the more nitty gritty aspects of picking the right machine especially if you are not too sure of some of the technical jargon. Sites such as LaptopNinja offer some great guides on getting the most bang for your buck. Popular sites are Amazon, eBay, Best Buy and Walmart amongst others. All of the leading stores online offer extremely competitive prices which are  hard to beat.

    Retail Stores

    The benefits of going in and giving the laptop a test run yourself are also not to be ignored. You can get a proper feel for the laptops design, ergonomics, and how usable the keyboard and trackpad are for daily use.  Not to mention a full sales pitch from an on floor attended who may (or may not) know an awful lot about the product he is selling that could help you make the right choice.

    The Sneaky Option

    If you want to be really sneaky, then you can always do some window shopping in a shops showroom and then go and find the best deal for that laptop online. This, while ethically potentially dubious, is still no less ethical than most corporations business tactics so I wouldn’t feel too bad. That said, it is also possible to divulge info on the design and look and feel of the laptops just via online reviews which could save you a trip out of the house.

    In conclusion the above are just a few of the ways you can hustle yourself a new budget gaming laptop that kicks ass ( all secondary to getting a free machine from a friend or family that is) and the most important advice I can give is to do as much research as possible before diving in. If you get a crap deal, you are going to figure it out eventually and you probably won’t be too impressed with yourself on the wasted bucks!

  • Why Buy a Gaming Laptop Under $500?

    smart-gamingWhen looking for a gaming machine there are a host of things to consider. Least of all is whether or not a laptop will do you any justice. If you are actively hunting for a gaming laptop under $500 then the chances are you may need a laptop for work and are hoping to find something that doubles up as a form of entertainment. Or perhaps you travel a lot and you get bored on the road so you need some good old fashioned cyber therapy to keep you company. Whatever the case, there are a number of benefits to the mobile gaming experience.

    1. You aren’t constricted to your home base

    Desktop users have the advantage of more powerful hardware ( a huge point to be fair), but there is still a certain charm to being able to whip out your laptop anywhere in the world at any time and any place and crack a few rounds of your favorite dose of escapism. For those who travel a lot and aren’t constricted to a home base at all most of the time then these benefits are obviously compounded ten fold.

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    2. You aren’t breaking the bank and can still find tons of awesome games to play

    There is a general trend among gamers to pump their PC up until it is a steroid raging beast that can play in game in the cosmos at 60 FPS flat. In reality, a lot of the most intelligent gamers ever created have terrible graphics. The rise of graphics if anything has detracted from how fun most games are to play from an intellectual perspective, which is painful to see. That said, this is a great for budget gamers as you won’t have to deal with all of the bollocks eye candy distracting you and can focus on older gems that rely on amazing storytelling to really grip your imagination, on top of the fact that they’ll have more cash to spare on the other good things in live – like getting laid. Guides such as LaptopNinja’s gaming laptops under $500 offer a great place to get started on your journe.y

    3. You can always upgrade down the line

    Needless to say, despite my pearls of wisdom above there are exceptions to the rule, and one day you may find you want to up the ante and go for a real gaming beast once you have saved up enough cash. Plus side? Sinking less than $500 into a laptop is close to nothing. If you box smart and you are in it for the long haul, going cheap first can pay dividends later rather than going for a mid level laptop that is only marginally better that will hold you back from affording a true gaming demon in the future.


  • Specs To Look For in a Gaming Laptop Under $1000

    There are many good gaming laptops for just under $1000. The question that has been asked by many is just what makes a laptop a good gaming laptop? The answer is that a truly stellar laptop will have the speed, graphics, and memory to be able to handle any of the modern gaming choices that a consumer could peruse. Laptops with stellar graphics cards, a high degree of memory, immense RAM, and an incredibly generous amount of Gigahertz in their processors are what is needed to fit the bill. Moreover, a gaming laptop will also have a very large screen in order to accommodate today’s modern games as well. Consider the following specs when looking for a gaming laptop under $1000:

    1. Gigahertz (GHz.)

    In a nutshell, Gigahertz is processor speed. Thus, the higher the Gigahertz, the faster the computer will run. The faster the computer runs, the better the system is able to handle high-graphic, high-resolution games such as World of Warcraft and other popular computer games. Most laptops average around 1.1 GHz. to around 1.8 GHz. For most people, this amount of Gigahertz is more than sufficient for the tasks they are going to do with the computer. Word processing, e-mail, and most other common programs can be ran on these speeds. For a gamer, however, these speeds may not be enough. The most powerful laptops on the market today usually have speeds of upwards of 3 GHz. or more. This is the appropriate spec for a gamer in order to be thoroughly entertained on their laptop.

    2. High memory.

    Many games will insist on a laptop of at 8 GB of memory. The reason is because for very high-graphics games the memory of the laptop will need to be as stellar as possible. I myself remember a time in the early nineties when I ordered a game and was disappointed because my computer did not have the memory for it.

    3. Strong Graphics Cards.

    Finally, another spec to look for in a gaming laptop approaching $1000 would be in whether it has a suitable graphics card or not. Study this closely and do a google search on the graphics card that the system you are considering has in order to be able to tell.

  • Secondhand Gaming Laptops Under $1000

    For the serious gamer, only the best laptop will do. They do not want just simply a run-of-the-mill budget laptop like those who are only interested in word processing; they want a laptop with serious specs that can deliver only the best graphics and the best game playing possible. However, sometimes just like everybody else, gamers have a budget. Sometimes they just cannot afford a laptop that is extremely expensive. Although the old adage “you get what you pay for” is certainly true, there are definitely some laptops out there that can deliver the fast processor speeds that gamers need to be thoroughly entertained and still live within their means.

    1. ASUS N56VJ-DJ71 Laptop

    This laptop is a 15.6 inch version that has all of the specs that the hard-cord gamer needs to have a good time. The first step in any gamer laptop is a large screen, and this laptop certainly delivers at a 15.6 inch example. The second step to please any gamer is to ensure that the unit has a high processor speed in order to handle the high graphics that will come with most games today. This unit delivers with a rare 2.4 MHz. processor, handy for playing most high performance games today. This ASUS version is listed at just $980.00 on most sites.

    2. Toshiba Satellite S855D S5148 Laptop

    This 15.6 inch version is able to deliver only the best media because of the incredibly good Radeon HD 7660G processor. This offering comes formatted with an explosive 1 Terabyte hard drive that is able to handle most, if not all, of the games that an individual would want to play. Moreover, the Toshiba Satellite S5148 has the large screen that gamers need in order to play their games well. At 15.6 inches, the screen is just as top-notch as the rest of this unit. Finally, this laptop is currently being offered on Amazon at just under $1000.

    3. Dell Inspiron i15Rse-4267ALU

    This example comes with some impressive specs as well. Many individuals were impressed with the fast boot up time and the high quality of the speakers. The processor, a Radeon 7730M is easily able to handle most, if not all, games. This laptop also comes with an impressive 3.2 GHz. of speed as well.  Currently this Dell is being offered on Amazon for a reasonable price of $879.99.